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Can I be REAL honest with you for a second? I’ve always had this dream of becoming a professional blogger that makes a living online. I am never short on ideas and I think I’m a halfway decent writer. But, I never fully stepped out in obedience with the call to write.

Why? I’m not sure. I think there’s a lot of fear. Blogging is a lot of work. And, my family has gone through some really rough seasons of inconsistency. I’ll put out great content for 1-2 weeks, and then WHAM, we will be hit with an emergency and it’s several weeks before I’m back at the computer. (And, yes I know that really good bloggers have content pre-planned ;).

This month we transition my daughter back into school which gives me a few extra hours during the day to finally stay consistent with writing. To help make sure I’m doing everything the most efficient way that brings in the most income, I decided to look for some help. We aren’t in the place to pay for 1:1 business coaching, so I was interested in more of a mastermind or membership program.

It was truly a blessing when I got an email from Crystal about joining the beta launch of Your Blogging Mastermind. I had taken a 4 week blog coaching program of hers about a year ago and was so overly impressed with how thorough, professional and down to earth she was. Because of my amazing experience with her previously, I knew I had to jump on this opportunity. I’d love to share an honest review about the membership with you since she is opening up enrollment to the public.


Full disclosure: The links to YBM are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you enroll.
I pay my own monthly fees to be a member of YBM. Read my disclaimer. 



What is Your Blogging Mastermind?

Your Blogging Mastermind is a membership platform run by Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom, Crystal Paine Courses and Your Blogging Mentor. She is an extremely successful wife, mom, blogger, course creator, and coach. She talks very candidly about how she paid off debt and paid cash for their beautiful home. I figured that learning from someone who was walking the walk was a really smart business move. The mastermind is hosted on a platform called Mighty Networks. You can log into the membership from a desktop or from an app on your mobile phone.

The mastermind is a monthly fee of $46.99/mo and consists of

  • 2 live group coaching workshops each month
  • a personal app
  • a members feed similar to Facebook where you can engage with other members and ask for feedback
  • the ability to have Crystal review and critique your work
  • a free ticket to her live event at her home (or another location in the future)
  • monthly projects
  • access to Crystal


Tour of the Mastermind

Before we get into the pros and cons of the membership, I wanted to give you a tour of what it looks like inside. The home screen on the app looks just like what you see below. You get a menu of choices to choose from including Discovery, Members, Topics, Store, and your personal Settings.

Clicking on the Discovery tab will take you to what you see on the right. It opens up the topics, a list of top members, featured posts, and top posts. Each separate section scrolls horizontally as you swipe towards the left. This is a great way to navigate through the membership portal if you aren’t looking for anything specific.




If you click on Members, you get to see all the members in the group. It’s really neat to see some members in the group whose blogs I read on a regular basis such as Christa with Do a New Thing, Brittany with Equipping Godly Women, and Melissa with A Virtuous Woman. You also get to see the members that are in your area, as well as read all the amazing profiles and talent of all the bloggers who have joined.

Underneath members is a tab called Topics. This is where you are going to find a beautiful display of all the types of content published inside of the mastermind. It would take me way too long to detail each of these tabs, so I’m going to chat about two of my favorites. The first one is the Resources tab. This is where members can post amazing resources to help you become successful with your blog. This is also where Crystal posts blog critiques. If you follow her social media profiles, you may have seen her critique blogs, landing pages, and IG profiles before. However, you only have access to getting your stuff critiqued if you are a member of Your Blogging Mastermind. This perk alone is seriously worth the cost of signing up.



The second tab I want to highlight for you is the Coaching Sessions tab. This tab is where all the Mastermind Magic happens. Crystal hosts a live webinar twice a month on pre-planned topics. HOWEVER………it is extremely evident that she caters the topics and even changes the topics based on the needs of the mastermind group. For example: we just had a live workshop about Instagram. There are quite a few of us who are newer to IG and don’t have a good grip on how to use it effectively. SO, she is continuing our IG training into the month of May to make sure we are proficient with it.



The next best thing about the coaching sessions is that they are all recorded and uploaded into the membership platform usually on the same day or the day after they happen. I also really loved that I could be live on the webinar without having to turn on my camera. Bonus for the evening workshops when I’m in my jammies 😉

Now that you have a general overview of what the mastermind consists of, I’d like to walk through my personal opinions about my experience.



Review of Your Blogging Mastermind – Cons

There is A LOT of information which can be a pro or a con. However, when I joined there wasn’t a clear path for how to navigate through the platform. There also wasn’t a clear plan for what material to start with first (unless I missed the tutorial about this). Luckily I had some free time (which never happens) when I joined and I was able to play around with the platform and learn how to navigate it on my own.

Since there is a lot of information already in the membership, I haven’t had a chance to go through all of it yet. I feel like I’m missing out, even though it’s there for me to go through at anytime. As someone who also hosts a membership site; onboarding new members can be a challenge and overwhelm is the #1 reason members cancel their subscription. However, Crystal’s expertise outweighed this for me personally.

There isn’t a whole lot of activity from other members happening yet. I would have expected it to be more active than what it is. Even though this is a bit of a negative aspect right now, Crystal is thinking ahead and has a plan for this. She is opening membership up to the public (i.e. YOU) with a plan for increasing member engagement.

The mastermind is geared towards experienced bloggers. Now, I don’t mean bloggers that are at Crystal’s level. But, she doesn’t break down any blogging 101 material. You need to have a good grasp on how to blog and set up all your tech in order to get value out of this mastermind. Crystal is VERY clear about this right out of the gate. But, it can be a negative aspect to some people. For me personally, I “know” how to do a lot of the things that are discussed in the mastermind, but I’m just not doing them yet for one reason or another. I feel a bit behind the curveball. Just a few of my extra 2 cents ;).

(Edit: I went back to check and there is a very large Start Here section that walks you through how to use the mastermind. Of course I would miss it. haha). 



Review of Your Blogging Mastermind – Pros

There is A LOT of information. Like I mentioned above, this can be both good and bad. I feel like I will never run out of things to learn. I currently have 3 live workshop recordings to catch up on and I try to listen to them through my car speakers as I’m driving. Another positive is that Crystal is easy to listen to. Some people just have a voice that is hard on the ears; hers is definitely not that :).

The members in the mastermind are so kind, friendly and helpful. For the most part, if you ask a question, there will be somebody to respond with an answer. And, sometimes you are getting answers from other successful bloggers who are also members. Bonus!!!

The content is new, fresh, and definitely not content I have heard before. I am a chronic over-consumer of blogging, and internet marketing material. (My kids roll their eyes everytime I play a podcast while we’re driving lol!). This means that sometimes there isn’t a lot of content that is new for me. However, every time Crystal has posted something or hosted a workshop, I have learned an abundance of new tips and tricks. For example: in her last live workshop she showed us how to hack the IG swipe up feature if you have under 10k followers. And no, I will not disclose how to do that. You need to join to find out ;).

Crystal really listens to our needs. She has an agenda for the mastermind, but is so quick to add or change things based on what the members need. You can tell she truly cares about each of us and our blogging goals. Even though I know she doesn’t have time to get to know each and every one of us, it does truly feel like she knows you personally.

I love how easily I can access all of the material. The app is so convenient and I feel like I can take Crystal on the go with me wherever I am. Even though the app had a bit of a learning curve to get used to, it has definitely been worth it in the long run.

Crystal also has a strict policy about not sharing affiliate links or sharing specific numbers with the mastermind. I love this rule because it helps us to all feel like we can succeed no matter what stage of blogging we are at. I also love that we can be rest assured that other members will not be trying to push their products on us while we are there to learn.


Don’t Just Take My Word For It. Check Out My Results

Things I have learned in one month since joining YBM

-How to improve my Instagram feed
-How to increase engagement on Instagram
-How to improve my blog’s home page
-How to add extra streams of income to my blog
-How to not apologize for charging value for my time, services, and products
-How to write copy that sells
-How to create a successful tripwire (this is my next project)

My Individual Results Since Joining YBM

-My Instagram reach has increased by 10% in just 2 weeks of implementing Crystal’s tips
-My free challenge has almost 3,000 subscribers from using sales page and copy tips in YBM
-Using her copy that sells tips, I had $2,500 of sales in one week
-I have a new found focus of spending time and energy on my blog vs pouring it all into social media.


Join Me In The Mastermind

The #1 one reason I would recommend joining Your Blogging Mastermind is because Crystal genuinely helps you to feel confident in the fact that you can be a successful blogger. She truly helps to solve your pain points in a convenient, affordable way. The mastermind will offer you the accountability, training and education that you need to help your blog grow and increase it’s profitability. I haven’t seen anything else like this on the market. I have taken many other trainings and courses, but they all seemed to end at a particular time and I was left navigating the world of blogging on my own again.

You definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity. The mastermind is not open all year round, so I would encourage you to sign up now while you can. There are no contracts so you can cancel anytime. Click HERE to get started today. Once you join, I would love for you to find me in the member portal and reach out. We can be accountability buddies :).

Again, here’s the link to join me in this amazing community


In His Strength,




Kristen Ekiss is a Navy Veteran, speaker, coach, and adoptive mama of 4. She gracefully merges her Biblical counseling training and 15 years of health and fitness experience to teach women how to grow a stronger faith, raise a stronger family, and build a stronger body.

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Your Blogging Mastermind Review

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