How to Workout Like a Mom

May 2, 2016 | Fitness

Are you a mom wondering just how you’re supposed to workout with kids at home? Follow my perfect “How to Workout Like a Mom” plan below to see exactly how I manage my at home workouts with 4 kids.

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After an early shift this morning I was looking forward to coming home to my kids AND to a really good workout. Since the weather was gorgeous outside my plan was to have the kids play outside while I got my 20-30 minute sweat session in. I had my workout already written and my mind was prepared to get it done. It sounded like an easy piece of gluten-free cake kind of plan. Here’s how it went:

5-05 PMI started walking back to my office/workout room while I simultaneously heard my oldest son say “oh hey mom, weren’t you going to give me my spelling test?” As I debated in my head what a good mom would do (disclaimer: there is no correct decision here), I hesitantly did an about face and headed back towards the kitchen where he was eagerly standing with his weekly spelling words. I figured since he was excited about it and a good speller that it would be quick and easy. We spent 7 minutes on the first word (several) where he tried several times to spell the word correctly. I waited as he went through every letter of the alphabet trying to figure out which letter came after v. I told him to study for 20- 30 more minutes and I would be right back to try again after my workout.5-12 PM As I glanced at the clock on my way back towards my workout room I figured I should start dinner so we could eat by 6:30. I put the rice in the rice cooker, prepared the thawed chicken and placed it in the oven.

5-30 PMYES! I finally made it back to my sanctuary and had a kettlebell in my hand. I did my warm up and core work and I started my first round.

1)Single leg deadlifts 10 R/L
2)Single arm shoulder press 8 R/L

I got a text from the hubby asking me to make sure he has a clean uniform for work tomorrow. Being the amazing wife that I am, (or the most forgetful person you’ll meet) I decided I needed to do it now to make sure it got done. I went downstairs and started a load of laundry, came back up and finished round 1.

3)Glute bridge 15
4)Push Ups 15
5)Step ups w/kettlebell 8 R/L

5-50 PMROUND 2
1)Single leg deadlifts 10 R/L
2)Single arm shoulder press 8 R/L
3)Glute Bridge 15

BEEP BEEP BEEP!! “MOOOMMMM, what’s that noise?” I guess I set something on fire in the oven. Oops. The oven alarm and the smoke detector decided to go off at the same time. I ran out quickly and removed the smoking food from the oven and ran around the house like a mad women, waving a dishrag at all the smoke detectors. I turned the oven off and prayed that the heat left in there would continue to cook the chicken. Meanwhile, I forgot to make some veggies so I put those in a pan and started steaming them. I head back to my workout room with just enough motivation to keep going.

4) Push Ups 15
5) Step ups w/kettlebell 8 R/L
6-15 PM
1) Single leg deadlifts 10 R/L

BEEP BEEP BEEP! The smoke detector went off again and 2 out of 4 of my kids got a little freaked out. (My kids are all adopted through foster care and came to us with sensitivity to noise.) Again, I did my mad woman dishrag dance under the smoke detectors and calmed the kids at the same time. This time I took the chicken out of the oven and decided I would deal with it once I was finally done working out.

6-32 PM
2) Single arm shoulder press 8 R/L
3) Glute bridge 15
4) Push ups 15

I notice out of the corner of my eye, 4 little bodies standing at my office door. “Oh hey mom, whatcha doing, they asked?” I responded joyfully through a forced smile “Can mommy please finish up her workout?” To which they replied, “oh sure mom, we just thought you were done by now.”

5) The most hardcore step ups you’ve ever seen. 10 on the right side and 10 on the left. FINISHED at 6:38PM

This workout may not have been ideal or intense enough for my liking. It wasn’t as effective as I needed it to be nor was it even really enjoyable today. But, I did it. I got it done and I did something that made myself stronger. My kids saw me start something I said I was going to do and they watched me finish it out to completion.
Mamas…….. this is balance! This is what real life looks like when we try stay fit and raise a family. This is how to workout like a mom.The only time I get an uninterrupted workout is if I wake up before my kids and, sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Your workouts will be interrupted and your life will be interrupted. Keep going and enjoy the interruptions. The best interruptions are where you can see God replacing your plan with His. A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

5 Ways to Workout Like a Mom

  1. Know your why (what is your motivation for exercising?)
  2. Instead of 1 long workout, try several super short workouts
  3. Focus on progress not perfection
  4. Have your kids exercise with you
  5. Expect interruptions and be interruptible


In His Strength,


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