The 5 Secrets to Loving Your Body

Apr 24, 2015 | Body Image, Fitness | 2 comments

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you love the body God gave you?

Countless times I’ve found myself staring in the mirror and wondering what I could do to make the image staring back at me beautiful. I’ve pinched and poked every soft spot with a look of utter disgust on my face as if it were wrong to have body fat. I’ve compared myself to friends, to famous people, and to complete strangers. I’ve tried to squat, bird dog and donkey kick my way to a dimple free backside. I’ve shamed myself, berated myself and treated myself worse than any enemy because I had such a strong desire to love my body.

It took me years, but what I finally realized was that my standard for loving my body was an unattainable image of worldly perfection.  What I needed to realize was that the Lord created me in His image and in His likeness. He doesn’t look at the things we look at. We look at outward appearances, but the Lord, He looks at the heart.

Recently I was reading the wise words of the apostle Paul. In 1 Corinthians he describes what perfect love looks like. Chapter 13 is often used at weddings and to describe the love between two people. As I was re-reading through these verses the other day it struck me that they could be used when it comes to body image as well. Check out these 5 truths about love and start loving the body God created especially for you.


The 5 secrets to loving your body, body image, faith and fitness


1) Love is Patient – Are you trying to make lifestyle changes or lose weight for health reasons? Be patient, it takes time. Commit your health goals to the Lord and have faith that He will guide you through. There are no quick fixes for most health issues and there is definitely no quick fix for weight loss.
2) Love is Kind – Have you beaten yourself up like I have? Be kind to your body. Refuse to use any negative words to describe your body and praise God for His handiwork. Be kind to your body by fueling it with food to nourish and strengthen. Be kind to your body by moving everyday.
3) Love Does Not Envy – God made you in His perfect image. Don’t waste your time wishing you looked like anyone else. Coveting your neighbor’s waist size is equally as dangerous as coveting their house. (Exodus 20:17)
4) Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs – Have you made mistakes in the past? Maybe you stopped your workout program or veered off your healthy eating plan. Have you gained a few pounds or not taken your doctors advice? Its ok, we all make mistakes. Throw away your tally sheet and let go of your past mistakes. Refocus your goals and commit them to the Lord, He will direct your steps. (Proverbs 16:9)
5) Love Rejoices in the Truth – The truth is that God fearfully and wonderfully made you out of His image. The truth is that only in eternity will we be made perfect and complete. The truth is, you are beautiful, you are sacred and you are His.

I pray that you may look in the mirror today and see the beauty that your Heavenly Father created.

Healthy Blessings,

In His Strength, 






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