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Welcome to the 4th edition of Strong Women Wednesday! I’m excited to introduce you to a woman on a very similar mission as me. And, I’ll be honest with you. I have only met Michelle in person once. Ok, well maybe once and a half. I first briefly met her at a Women’s conference at our church and then again at another Women’s night out event. We never had the chance to talk much in person but I just knew for some reason that we had a lot in common. And, I knew that she had a lot of amazing things to say. So, we connected through Facebook. And, I’m pretty sure I would enjoy our in person conversations as much as I have enjoyed our online ones. I’m looking forward to getting to know her better in person in the future. Please welcome Michelle Lemmer.

KE: Tell me about yourself

ML: Hi ! I am blessed to be married to a wonderful Godly man Rory, with 4 beautiful adult children and 3 grandchildren in our blended family. Of course our dog Rylie too! I love Serving God, my family, and women who want to grow their faith and know Jesus better! Along with that I have a passion for sharing how to live a healthier happier lifestyle. My goal as a Health Coach is to help women find their healthy style, through nutrition, relationships, movement, and faith! In the last 6 years many things have transpired! I became a certified health coach, but during that time my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my mom was diagnosed with ALS and I found my faith and Jesus. Starting out with this big plan of being a health coach it was my plan, not Gods! With that being said I struggled to move forward in my coaching! I lost both of my parents to Alzheimer’s and ALS at at 72 and 71. My goals stayed the same after that but looked very different at the same time! My first priority is my relationship with God. My plan has changed to incorporate my faith into my health coaching! With God involved I know I will move forward this time! I am a Journey Leader at my church, Fox River Christian Church and I volunteer as the Women’s Ministry coordinator for one of our campuses!


KE: How do you define strength and what does it look like in your life?

ML: Wow! I have to say first God is my strength! As I previously talked about my parents. Looking back I can see Gods hand in every detail during that time and me being new in my faith, He was my strength and I know He carried me through it! God also has given me my husband who is strong in his work ethic, family and his faith.

KE: As you know, strong faith is the focus of my ministry. But it can be hard to maintain a strong faith when life gets real messy. What do you do to keep your relationship with Jesus as strong as possible?

ML: I try to put Him first! I have apps on my phone constantly reminding me of his Word! I have an amazing church family, and a great group of women that I call my Jesus girls! They are amazing! We keep each other accountable! I spend time with Him daily! Even if it’s a crazy day and only a few minutes , I still check in!


KE: Managing a household is hard. Whether you work, stay home, are single, married or have 8 kids; women often feel like they are just surviving each day. What advice would you give to women to help them strengthen their family?

ML: Sitting down for dinner together I find is a great time for conversation and sharing the events of your day and even talking about struggles or challenges! Being there for each other on a daily basis is critical. Life is crazy busy and if dinner doesn’t work everyday because of schedules pick another time! Make sure you make that connection each day! All of our children are adults and moved out, but Rory and I still share that time together every day!


KE: Depending on your definition of strength, “strong body” can mean something different to everyone. What healthy habits do you incorporate into your daily schedule to help keep your body strong?

ML: My main healthy habits include:

1. Some type of movement everyday (I usually rest on Sunday) 2. I drink half my weight in water! Keeping hydrated is so important. 3. I like to feed my body with clean food. I try to eat greens everyday and lots of other veggies. 4. Stay away from sugar as much as I can (it’s in everything)

KE: What do you feel is the difference between relying on your own strength and relying on God’s strength?

ML: Relying on God’s is SO much better! If I rely on my own I feel exhausted and have no energy and feel like I’m not very strong! Relying on God’s strength it gives me peace! I know in his strength it will all be good! Mine alone? It can’t be!

KE: Would you mind sharing something you have struggled with and telling us how you used God’s strength to get you through?

ML: The year my dad was put into a nursing home, my son left for boot camp to become a Marine and my mom was diagnosed with ALS. My son Zachary was hurt in boot camp, and his graduation was delayed. Zachary is the youngest and his leaving was difficult, then to have him injured made it very tough. We couldn’t talk to him after the 1 minute call he made to tell us he was hurt! Zach was put in a platoon with other injured recruits. He wrote me letters and they were the best letters I ever received! My dad then passed away that same year in December while Zach was away and back in training. His injury healed. My mom was getting worse and we all knew it was only a matter of time for her also. I went to His word daily. Something I had really never done. God put people in my life all over the place to get me through! His strength! There were other Marine parents that were put in my life that had injured sons also! God put them there for support! The following February Zach graduated from boot camp and God allowed us to go to see his graduation. My mom was now unable to care for herself as her mind was perfect but her body was not! It went from a gimp to a walker to a wheelchair and a feeding tube! I drew my strength from Him everyday! My mom moved in with my sister and she was her caretaker. It was hard seeing my mom like this but I knew where she was headed and when she got there all of her pain would be gone and she would be perfect. Almost a year after my dads passing my mom passed away from ALS. She was with Him and so was my dad. It was a tough couple of years but my faith and God’s strength got me through! I miss my mom and dad but I know they are where everything is perfect.


KE: If you could share one message with every woman who is willing to listen, what would it be?

ML: Don’t worry about all of the little things, know what is important in your life, and trust Him to always be your strength! He will always be there for you!

KE: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

ML: I would love to share my website www.stylesforyourhealth.comYou can also follow me on Facebook by clicking here, Stylesforyourhealth! I share all kinds of posts, articles, tips, recipes and inspiration! I will be running some new Free Christian based fun online programs in the New Year! I’m very excited about them! If you have any questions, please email me at Thank you Kristen for giving me this opportunity to share!


Thanks for sharing Michelle. Stay tuned next week as I have the privilege to interview Author, Speaker and Blogger, Debbie Geise.

In His Strength,


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