Freedom from food rules?
Freedom from fitness standards?
Freedom from the scale?
Freedom within your family?

You have come to the right place my friend!

I have no doubt that you have been called to a higher purpose. You selflessly encourage, serve and give all you have. Maybe it’s in ministry, marriage, motherhood or your career. Your heart’s desire is to change lives. But, you’re wondering how to do that when you can’t even change your own life. You know what to do, you’ve read all the books, but you just can’t seem to stick with a plan for longer than a few weeks. You’re tired of feeling exhausted all the time. You are ready for a change 

That’s Where I Come In

I am passionate about showing busy women like you how to transform your faith, your family and your body one prayerful step at a time.
I’m not a quick-fix-it kind of gal. I won’t offer you cookie cutter programs or magic powders aimed at shrinking your waist line.
In fact, I’m a girl after your heart, not your dress size.

Working with me takes work. I don’t offer the easy way out of chaos, I offer the Biblical way out. I am committed to walking with you through your transformation, every step of the way. I will help you find your freedom and learn how to fight your battles with grace in one hand and truth in the other. I combine my expertise in fitness and nutrition with my training in Biblical counseling for an approach that will leave you stronger than you started in both your faith and your health. 

I teach you how Jesus can turn your mess into an amazing message. Are you ready to see what He has in store?


What clients are saying about me

“Kristen has totally revolutionized the way I work out. I now look at exercise as a way to shape my body instead of a way to lose weight. It’s much easier to motivate myself during the week when I know I had such an awesome cheerleader motivating me.”

– Mariah M.

“Kristen is THE AUTHORITY when it comes to wellness. She motivates you to do things you thought you could never do.”

– Linda T.

“Kristen has shown me that I can give up my daily diet soda and still have more energy without the caffeine. I have learned how to enjoy healthy meals and lose over 45 pounds at the same time. Kristen always answers my questions and has helped me to feel better about myself.”

– Janet G.


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