Faithful Fitness

Faithful Fitness is your solution for quick, effective workouts that move your body and your soul. When you join our Faithful Fitness membership program, you are joining thousands of other women with the same challenges and goals that you have. You will be welcomed into a supportive community and given all the tools that you need to achieve your weight loss goals with your faith at the center. 

Group Coaching

Small group coaching is offered several times per year. Coaching groups are focused on growing your faith while fostering a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing your soul. To be notified when the next coaching group starts, click the button below. 

Courses + Programs

I create all my programs and courses from scratch, with a heart that beats to help you pursue health and wholeness in your life. My courses are perfect if you want to lose weight, learn to eat better, and grow your faith at your own pace.


I consider myself a multi-passionate speaker with topics that include health and wellness, body image, love, adoption, marriage, and relationships. When you schedule me to speak, your audience will have the opportunity to hear real life stories of Jesus’ redemptive power of turning a big mess, into a transformative message. 

1:1 Coaching

Private coaching is designed specific to your goals, your lifestyle, and your budget. I will develop a plan that will challenge you, but also allow you to succeed without feeling overwhelmed. Coaching may include online personal training via an app, habit tracking, phone calls or video calls. If you’re looking to lose weight, get stronger, stay consistent, or succeed at a healthy habit, then private coaching is for you. Private coaching requires a minimum of a 12 week commitment and is based on availability. Click the button to start your application.



Prayer Warrior

Whether I’m your personal coach, leading you through an online course or you’re just reading my blog post; know that you are prayed for.


Navy Veteran

My 18 years of military experience brings structure, dedication and a solid set of values to our coaching relationship.


Freedom Fighter

I believe that you can experience freedom from the bondage of food, exercise and body image. I am on a mission to show you how.



My experience spans almost 15 years including a B.S in Sport + Fitness Management, + a M.Ed in Health Education. I’m a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, corrective exercise specialist + more.


Revelation Wellness

I’m proud to be a certified Revelation Wellness Instructor. Rev has completely transformed the way I coach, teach and train. The most important transformation took place in my heart.


Pretty Much Human

Yes, I’m human too. I’m a busy mother of 4 and sometimes I feed my kids mac n cheese, cry over dirty piles of laundry and lock myself in the bathroom for a few minutes of sanity. Basically, I can relate.


“Kristen has totally revolutionized the way I work out. I now look at exercise as a way to shape my body instead of a way to lose weight. It’s much easier to motivate myself during the week when I know I had such an awesome cheerleader motivating me.”

Mariah M.

“Kristen is THE AUTHORITY when it comes to wellness. She motivates you to do things you thought you could never do. I call her my Lifechanger”

Linda T.

“Kristen has shown me that I can give up my daily diet soda and still have more energy without the caffeine. I have learned how to enjoy healthy meals and lose over 45 pounds at the same time. Kristen always answers my questions and has helped me to feel better about myself.”

Janet G.

“Kristen works with her clients and treats the whole person. She has helped me grow mentally and spiritually. Kristen’s passion and love for serving her clients is highly evident in all she does”

Molly B.

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