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Nov 5, 2017 | Reviews

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4 years ago I was on the hunt for a way to learn more about mobility without having to travel to a different part of the country. I dreamt of studying under Kelly Starrett or possibly even Jill Miller; 2 of the most influential teachers in mobility and body mechanics world. Kelly’s workshops were only offered as a CrossFit mobility course at the time and cost around $1,000. Jill’s classes were close to a week long requiring funds for course registration, travel, and lodging leaving either option off the table for me.

In my quest for locating an affordable workshop in my area, I found an online workshop titled Maintain Your Body for Long Lasting Health and Mobility. I was skeptical at first. I couldn’t imagine an online course being anywhere close to as informative and beneficial as the real thing. But, oh how I was wrong.

This course was one of the best I have ever taken. And, the best part of it all is that I have access to it for the rest of my life. As a higher education professional, I strongly believe that the instructor has the ability to make or break the course. In an online learning environment, I also believe that the platform hosting the course plays a large part in how well organized and professionally delivered the content is. Enter CreativeLive.


CreativeLive Review



Creative Live features a host of classes and courses for the creative entrepreneur and lifestyle professional. The classes include topics such as photography, business, lifestyle, health, personal development, graphic design, music, audio, scrapbooking and many more. One of my favorite features from the two courses that I’ve completed are the ability to speed up and slow down the videos. I can be known to be a little impatient and I like knowing that I can get through the material quickly and then slow it down again when I want to take notes or repeat a section.


Each course also comes with a review from previous students, class info, and class materials. Both of the courses that I completed came with a large amount of bonus materials and worksheets that supplemented the course.

My favorite feature has to be the fact that the course picked right back up where I last left off. Even if I closed out of the browser and came back later, it picked back up in the same location. All I had to do was hit play and it knew exactly where I left off. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through an online course only to search for my ending location wasting so much time.


CreativeLive offers free classes when they are being recorded live. You can sign up for updates and they will let you know when the next free class is offered. Paid classes start as low as $20 and the most expensive class I’ve seen is for $299. CreativeLive often has sales on their most popular classes and frequently posts discount codes on their website. I also liked the fact that you can give classes to friends or family as a gift. This makes it a perfect time to scroll through their offerings with Christmas right around the corner.


The one negative part of CreativeLive that I found was the lack of classes in my niche. They have a handful of health, fitness and lifestyle classes, but they specialize in classes for creatives such as photography and graphic design. The plus side to this is that the classes in my niche that are offered are taught by well recognized professionals in the field such as Tim Ferris, Kelly Starrett, and Diane Fu.


If you want to learn a new skill or polish up on your current creative profession, CreativeLive is the place to do it. I highly recommend getting on their email list so you are notified when new and free classes are offered. You can even customize your interests in the dashboard so new classes that may interest you appear first. The 3 classes below are on my wish list to take in the next year. I would love for you to reach out and tell me which class you are going to take first. You can visit CreativeLive here.

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