I don’t believe it’s an accident that you’re here. You are a strong woman who desires an even stronger faith. You have been called to do amazing things for the Kingdom, but somewhere along the way you got a little sidetracked. Your goals had to be put on hold as you did your best to just keep going. Life happened.

Maybe the extra pounds that were melting off have started to show back up. Or your household that was finally beginning to run smoothly has been taken over by chaos again. Your dirty laundry pile seems to never end and it’s a miracle if you see the bottom of the sink. Your relationship with God is still important to you, but your ability to squeeze in any time for prayer or devotion feels like an impossible task. You’re ready to move forward again but find yourself feeling overwhelmed with where to start.


Sweet friend, I’ve been in that overwhelmed place before. I searched for anything to ease my anxious soul. Wine didn’t work. Exercise helped for a short while. Shopping was fun but didn’t last long. And, locking myself in the bathroom helped until my kids started banging on the door. I tried everything. Jesus was the only solution that ever lasted. But I know all too well that when you’re in the midst of the chaos, it can be difficult to make turning to Him your first choice. Sometimes you just need someone to walk through it with you. 


This is where I come in. I find so much joy in the ability to walk with women through the toughest places in life. I have personally walked through infertility, a broken marriage, adoption, career changes, military deployments, body image struggles, and most recently an incurable chronic disease. Life is tough, but Jesus is tougher. I truly hope you hang around for a while and join me on my mission to encourage women to grow stronger together in Christ. I accomplish this in my ministry by focusing on the following 3 areas.





There were many times I thought my life was nothing more than a hot mess. That thought occurred after my 147th negative pregnancy test, after another 2 hour tantrum from my sweet baby girl the Lord allowed us to adopt, and after looking at myself in the mirror wondering who would hire a personal trainer with cellulite and chronic pain. Can I just encourage you by letting you know that I survived each difficult situation. And, I was able to see how God can use each one for His glory. No matter what you’re going through, God can transform your mess into a message.

Professional Bio

Kristen Ekiss is a speaker, educator, Veteran, and coach. She gracefully merges her Biblical counseling training and 15 years of health and fitness experience to inspire and educate women on how to make simple choices that create life-changing transformation. Her mission with this ministry is to encourage women to grow stronger together in Christ. She accomplishes this by creating content that teaches women how grow a stronger faith, raise a stronger family, and build a stronger body.

Kristen has a B.S. in Sport and Fitness Management and a M.Ed. in health education. Kristen has worked in the areas of fitness management, corporate wellness, higher education, law enforcement, and the military. Currently Kristen is a part-time adjunct professor and is serving as a Religious Program Specialist in the United States Navy Reserves.

She holds the following certifications: Certified Health Education Specialist, Certified Revelation Wellness® Instructor, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Precision Nutrition Coach (Pn1), Functional Movement Screening certified (FMS), Tabata Boot Camp Instructor, TRX Certified, trained in Lean Six Sigma, and is proud to be a Trigger Point Performance Master Trainer.
Kristen is a sought after speaker and coach with the experience, education and passion to help you transform your life and reach your goals.


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Ok girlfriends, get ready for a wild ride. I’m one of those friends you can trust your mess with. Together with the help of Christ, we’re going to break chains, knock down strongholds, lose the extra weight, get unstuck, and boldly walk forward in the freedom only Jesus can offer. Are you ready?



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