5 Tips for a Stronger Faith

Oct 28, 2017 | Faith

When I first became a Christian, I was so on fire for the Lord that I didn’t think it was possible to grow a stronger faith. I remember those first few months feeling like my entire life was changing at such a rapid pace, yet not really knowing what I was doing. Fast forward 10 years and I’ve realized that there have been some key components in my life that have helped me to walk closer with the Lord and continuously grow a faith that He would be proud of.



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First things first, let’s define what faith is. Hebrews 11:1 describes faith as the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Growing stronger in your faith is just that, growing a stronger confidence and assurance in an invisible God and choosing your actions and behaviors based on that assurance. Hebrews 11:3 goes on to say that by faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen. This concept is mind boggling and miraculous all at the same time. And, it’s my desire to continue growing stronger in this knowledge and encouraging other women to do the same. The following 5 tips are specific things that I have done in my life to help my faith grow stronger. I encourage you to pray about them and give them a try as well.


We live in a world that offers us many options to ease our pain and suffering, entertain our minds and provide us with immediate gratification. If we’re not careful, we can easily begin to make a habit of seeking worldly comfort before we seek God. We can make it a habit of seeking the world’s wisdom before we make it a habit of seeking wisdom from the Lord.

How many times have you experienced a struggle in life and gotten angry first, or turned to slander and gossip? I have. Learning to seek God first and in all things is a skill that takes time and practice before it becomes a habit. Now, this isn’t an excuse to not seek the Lord first; but it’s the reality of retraining our brains and our hearts to look for Godly wisdom above all else.


The #1 way to train your brain to seek God first is by reading his word daily. Yes, I know that this isn’t easy. I’m a tired and worn out mama of 4 young children with a few part-time jobs and volunteer church responsibilities. I know how easy it is to hit the snooze button, sleep the few extra minutes and try to squeeze in your God-time later on in the day. But…..it usually doesn’t happen. For me, the morning is the best time to read my Bible. And, believe me that my husband and my children can quickly tell the difference between a mama who is filled up on God’s word and a mama who isn’t.


Ahhhh…..the word that no one wants to talk about. Growing your faith sounds fun and exciting until repentance comes in and ruins all the fun. There were years that went by in my walk with the Lord where I didn’t even think repenting was an important part of my faith. I immersed myself in studies and scriptures that talked about things that made me feel good and look good. It wasn’t until I realized that there was a huge roadblock in my spiritual growth that I realized my need to repent.

Repenting shows us our need for Christ. Repenting is Biblical, and something that God asks demands us to do. Repenting brings us closer to God and subsequently in turn, grows our faith. Repenting is simply turning from your sin while asking God to forgive you for it.  It’s important to remember that the need to repent doesn’t make you a bad person or a bad Christian. The need to repent makes you human and is a foundational principle in our Christian faith.


There is so much life giving growth in having a mentor in your life. I spent many years involved in Bible studies with wise woman and great Biblical leadership. However, there is something to be said about having a personal mentor who can speak life into you in a 1:1 setting for an extended period of time. I’ve had a mentor now for about a year, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her guidance and wisdom and ability to teach me things I’m not seeing myself.


No matter where you are in your walk with the Lord, there is always someone who is a newer Christian than you. There are so many women out there that could use your mentorship and guidance in growing her faith. Sometimes we have to get over any sense of insecurities and trust that the Lord can use us no matter where we are at in life. Pray, and ask God to send you someone who could use your mentorship.


Growing a stronger faith doesn’t come without hard work and personal sacrifice. I promise you though that the payoffs are worth it. When your relationship with God grows to a point of having a complete peace fill your body during the hardest times of your life, you will be glad you put in the effort. Download my worksheet below to help walk you through the 5 steps towards a stronger faith.

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